Benefits of the National Yang Ming Chiao Tung University Alumni Card
Qualifications Free of charge. Upon graduation, student ID cards with printings of the word “Graduation” can be used as the NYCU Alumni Card.

Free access to libraries on the NYCU Yangming campus and Chiaotung campus. One-year membership fee for borrowing books (apply according to library regulations): 1000 NTD/year.

With the card, one can enjoy the right the borrow books for a year. The fee is 2700 NTD for a three-year payment. Number of items allowed to borrow per card: 30 books, 3 pieces of audio-visual materials, with a 30-day borrowing period and maximum of 90 days.

Sports facilities

(1) NYCU Chiaotung campus outdoor swimming pool: 50 NTD/ time, one-year membership fee: 3300 NTD
Heated swimming pool: 30 NTD/ time, equipment fee 70 NTD, half-year membership 4400NTD/ one-year membership fee: 7700 NTD (Please apply at the sports office)

(2) NYCU Chiaotung campus fitness center: 80 NTD/time, half-year membership 3300NTD/ one-year membership fee: 5500 NTD

(3) NYCU Chiaotung campus bundle membership (heated swimming pool and fitness center): half-year membership 6600NTD/ one-year membership fee: 9900 NTD

(4) NYCU Chiaotung campus tennis, badminton and table tennis pass: 2600NTD/academic year; three-in-one pass: 3900NTD/academic year

(5) Group application for sport courts on the NYCU Yangming and Chiaotung campus at their own expense

20% for attending classes on the NYCU Yangming campus

Discounts on authorized stores on the NYCU Yangming campus

Discounts on authorized stores on the NYCU Chiaotung campus (use according to store regulations)